Metodología y plataforma online, que permite estimular y acompañar el proceso emprendedor, en todas sus etapas!

It’s the most complete online platform and methodology, to manage and stimulate business innovation, from co-creation practices, in learning spaces (schools, universities, incubators and companies).

Entrepreneurial personality

«Welcome to the “CREA” experience, an online methodology and platform created so that, in a practical and intuitive way, you can formulate your business models or social projects, with a sustainable approach. You can collectively create with your co-equipers and if you wish, you can also count on expert virtual “trainers”, who will accompany you on the way of building your innovative model. What do you expect to use it?…»

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Support to Business Initiatives

Administration and advice to projects, easy and fast.

Welcome to the “CREA” experience, a platform that will allow the meeting between innovative entrepreneurs and education and development institutions; where facilitators like YOU play a fundamental role, in guaranteeing all support to entrepreneurs, in the search for viable models to the ideas formulated.

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KPIs and Key Metrics

One-click reports and indicators

Welcome to the “CREA” experience, a platform that will allow educational institutions and institutions to promote innovative entrepreneurship, stimulate culture and actively support their entrepreneurs, in the search for viable business models, to the ideas formulated.

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Investment Expectation

Welcome to the CREA experience, a platform that will allow you to identify innovative ideas with potential investors. You can connect directly with the selected entrepreneurs, based on your investment expectations.

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Ideation module

It consists of 5 analyses

It allows students to generate business model hypotheses and document them 100% in the cloud.

Logbook module

Five key dimensions

It allows the monitoring and control of advances to entrepreneurial projects.

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    649 Entrepreneurs 26%
    28 Coaches 28%

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    Achieve success

    A good business idea requires the formulation of a model that evaluates not only economic variables, but also considers social and environmental variables, which determine the success or failure of projects.

    Our Allies

    Behind the Scenes

    Our team maintains an effective combination of experience, initiative and leadership, to offer innovative platforms for responsible education and to generate versatile ICT solutions, which meet the needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups owners.

    Yurany is an Environmental Administrator, with extensive experience in accompanying entrepreneurs in the ideation stage. He also advises institutions on issues of entrepreneurship and innovation. She is co-founder of CREA-INN, because she is convinced that with innovation, the world can be changed.

    Yurany Calvo Trejos


    Sandra is a teacher by vocation, researcher by life mission and entrepreneur, by choice. She is the creator of the methodology for the generation of business models Crea SBM and is co-founder of CREA-INN.

    Sandra Esperanza Loaiza Rivera


    Horus is a talented artist, graduated in Plastic and Audiovisual Arts. He loves drawing, to which he prints his own style. He is the creator of the graphic language of the Crea SBM platform and currently works on the new projects of the CREA-INN organization.

    Horus Alejandro González Royero


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    CREA is the preferred alternative to analyze integrally, sustainable (business and social) initiatives and thereby attract investors and strategic allies.